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Stephen Travis Pope is an award-winning composer, film-maker, computer scientist and social activist based in Santa Barbara, California. He is currently active as a software development contractor and intellectual property expert through FASTLab. From 1995-2010 he was affiliated with UC Santa Barbara, working in the Dept. of Music, the Dept. of Computer Science and the Graduate Program in Media Arts and Technology (MAT). Before that, he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a decade, working at Xerox PARC, Stanford's CCRMA and UC Berkeley's CNMAT.

His music and video compositions are released through HeavenEverywhere Media. Stephen is also a practicing Quaker, a conscientious objection counsellor, a trained Reiki practitioner, and a workshop facilitator with the Alternatives to Violence Project in state and federal prisons.

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The Bottom Line (i.e., why take the next breath)

He not busy being born is busy dying.    Bob Dylan

Faith, surrender, and hope are only as important to life as, say, breathing.   STP

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Current/Recent Projects, Documentation, Downloads, etc.

Musical Compositions The Siren Music Tools in Smalltalk
Publications (Bibliography & PDF files) The CREATE Signal Library (CSL = Sizzle)
Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder Film The CREATE Real-time Appl Mgr (CRAM)
Spirit and Politics: Sermons and Rants The ATON Distributed VR System
My publications at the ICMA site The DrumHead trigger processor & sample player
It's all multimedia now! (so what's next?) (2014)
Overview      Slides
Why I Still Program in Smalltalk (2013)
Slides      Movie

My Major Publications - Books, Book chapters, Music and Films

The Big MAT Book: Courseware for Audio & Multimedia Engineering
My "Dissertation" -- The STP Anthology (1986-2005; updated 2007)
Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder (Feature Film)
Ritual and Memory -- 2 CD + DVD music/video release
Sound and Music Processing in SuperCollider (book download, 1998)
Music Processing: Music Composition and Editing by Computer (1993)
A Navigator for UNIX: SIGCHI 1989 Video
The Well-Tempered Object: Musical Applications of Object-Oriented Software Technology (MIT Press 1991)
Editor's Notes from my Decade at Computer Music Journal
Musical Signal Processing: Studies on New Music Research (1997)

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