Ritual and Memory Tour/Sampler Movie

15 minutes, 2 download versions: (lo-res) 159 MB and (hi-res) 328 MB

The Ritual and MemoryTour/Sampler Movie consists of 15 excerpts from 9 pieces of the music of Stephen Travis Pope, and a tour of the notations and software tools used to produce them; several clips are included from the video collaborations, as well as a diskography. You can watch the video in your web browser, or down-load the file to your hard disk. Headphones are recommended for listening.

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Tour/Sampler Menu
Eternal Dream Menu
LeurSonge de la Paix Menu

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Package Contents WAKE WAKE
WAKE Leur Songe de la Paix Leur Songe de la Paix
Leur Songe de la Paix Leur Songe de la Paix Eternal Dream: A Ritual
Eternal Dream Eternal Dream Eternal Dream
Eternal Dream Tour/Sampler: MODE Tour/Sampler: Siren
ARA Expert System Screen Tour/Sampler: Diskography Tour/Sampler: Dedication

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