Diskography: Music of Stephen Travis Pope on Recording

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KREV+10 Anniversary CD

Touch/Ash Records (2002)
Gates Still Open (2002)

DISC0 Compilation 2

Absinthe Records(2002)
Sensing/Speaking Space (2002)


Electronic Music Foundation (2002)
Four Magic Sentences (2001)

Or Some Computer Music Volume 1

Touch/OR Records (1999)
Kombination XI (1998 version)

Computer Music Journal, 1997 Sound Anthology

MIT Press (1997)
BatOutOfHell (1983)


SBC Records (1994)
BatOutOfHell (1983)

The Virtuoso in the Computer Age, CDCM Vol. 13

Centaur Records (1991)
Kombination XI (1989 version)

Perspectives of New Music (Volume 24)

Perspectives of New Music (1986)
BatOutOfHell (1983)

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