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  Reflections on Love and Truth
  Prayers, Poems and Messages

      Texts by Stephen Travis Pope
      Images by R. Lane Clark, Drago Druškovi? and Steve Fields

    Published by HeavenEverywhere Media, 2015

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Reflections on Love and Truth is a collection of 52 short texts founded in contemporary Quaker thought yet embracing the whole world of faith and inspiration. In keeping with the style of Quaker messages, the texts are brief and personal. They are each paired with powerful spirit-filled images by three very complementary visual artists who respond to, amplify and translate the underlying themes of the messages.
The ideas presented here relate both to the role of humans in the grand scheme of the universe, and to the concrete guidelines of a long line of teacher-avatars about how we are to live our lives and treat one another. It is assumed here that we are "spirit beings immersed in a human experience," and also human beings who are "made for the transcendent" and for community based on compassion and sharing.

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Singing Meat

About the Contributors

Stephen Travis Pope (b. 1955) is a composer, filmmaker, software developer and social activist who grew up just outside New York City and studied at Cornell University, The Vienna Music Academy and the Mozarteum Academy in Salzburg. He lived in Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands) for 12 years and is now based in Santa Barbara, California. He has published over 100 papers on computer science, artificial intelligence and music; his music and video compositions are available on several US and European record labels. In 2007, The Electronic Music Foundation in New York released a triple-disc retrospective of his music and video works called "Ritual and Memory"; his latest artistic release is the award-winning feature-length "visual music" film "Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder," with videos by R Lane Clark, Lance Putnam et al.
Stephen became a convinced Quaker shortly after his confirmation as an Episcopalian at the age of 12, and is now a member and second clerk of Santa Barbara Monthly Meeting. He is also active as a Reiki practitioner and facilitator with the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) in California state prisons. His personal web sites are http:// HeavenEverywhere.com (for music) and http://FASTLabInc.com (for technology).

R. Lane Clark works in a wide variety of artistic media including painting, documentary video, ceramics and garden design. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Time Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992. Lane has exhibited widely in galleries in California, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Switzerland and the Netherlands. His paintings on slides often serve as projected scenic designs for theatrical productions. Lane has worked extensively on documentary videos in West Africa, winning a Fulbright research grant for a two-year project in Ghana in 1992-1994. Having lived in the US, Europe and West Africa, Lane uses video to speak about difference and to foster understanding between people from different backgrounds. He has also worked as an instructor in filmmaking and in painting at the University of Michigan and at U.C. Santa Barbara.
Lane encourages artistic exploration with students and patients in a variety of settings, a process that is at once stimulating, healing, and profoundly meaningful. He lives in Santa Barbara, where he is completing a documentary on Ghana’s Akosombo Dam, painting, and also serving as Art Director of the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary, and as a facilitator with the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP). Lane’s Web site is http://rlaneclark.com.

Slovenian artist Drago Drus?kovic? was born in 1950 in Klagenfurt, Austria and spent his childhood and youth in southern Carinthia, where he was raised speaking two languages (Slovenian and German) and living under two political systems (communist and capitalist). It is because of this experience of contrast and contradiction that he has a such a strong focus on integration and synthesis in his life and art. He studied art and psychology in Graz and Salzburg, and in 1974 he started his involvement with painting and graphic arts; in addition to many paintings using different materials, he has produced illustrations for books, tapestries and printing arts.
Drago’s art stands firmly in the realm of cultural cross-over; he dips into the signs and myths of different cultures and times to help us open up to that which appears foreign or strange at first, and to unite elements that stand in seeming opposition. Human cultures profit from their diversity, yet there remains at their foundation the common threads of our shared humanity and divinity. Drago lives and works in Salzburg and Carinthia, Austria, where he is also a yoga teacher and an active father and grandfather. The web site for his art is http://www.dragodruskovic.com.

Steve Fields (b. Chicago 1950) studied painting and art history at Chicago Art Institute, Kansas City Art Institute, and University of Illinois. He works in a range of visual media, including painting, photography and computer art. Steve currently divides his time between creating visual art and writing/performing music with his band Iron Curtain. He is also certified in Pranic Healing, Reiki, and Sound Healing.
His primary spiritual inspiration is J. Krishnamurti. Steve considers art and music to be his primary spiritual practice and is inspired by many masters past and present, especially by Buddhism, mysticism, and other religions’ messages of love, compassion and truth. He invites people to enjoy his artistic vision of the beauty and mystery of the universe. Steve’s art is available online at the web site http://www.steve-fields.artistwebsites.com.

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