A Navigator for UNIX

Video demo prepared by ParcPlace Systems, Inc and Xerox PARC, 1989

Available from the ACM SIGGRAPH Video Review Library Issue 46 (CHI'89 demos)

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Navigator software design by Adele Goldberg, Stephen T. Pope and David Leibs

Navigator software implementation by David Leibs, Stephen T. Pope, and Tom Wadlow

Video demo by Stephen T. Pope and Nanette Harter


The ParcPlace Navigator for UNIX is/was a novel user interface paradigm for managing large volumes of structured data. It used the browsing model of paths, places, and contents together with a division of items into data (files) and capabilities (tasks or scripts) in a unique 5-paned GUI  we called the SwissArmyKnife view. This video is a 10-minute Navigator demonstration and an introduction to its design.

View the video (as a QuickTime movie)  press here  (right-click to down-load the file)

Screen Shots

Basic screen showing paths, places, and contents
Path tree laid out as a list
Changing the places view (currently a list)
Places view changed to a desktop view
Example of image file contents viewer
Selecting an executable file: execution dialog
Edit file properties
Five-paned view with data (files) and capabilities (tasks)
File name filtering (show m*)
Menu of recently visited places
Capability tree (task space)
Task example, edit email lists
Smalltalk code browser in the Navigator framework
Interactive book in the Navigator framework
Credits 1
Credits 2

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