HeavenEverywhere DrumHead Open-Source Hardware Project Page

system shot


The HeavenEverywhere DrumHead is a 1-piece E-drum trigger processor and high-quality PC-based sample player. It can be used with any MIDI drum sampler such as BFD, Addictive Drums, EZDrummer, etc.

The DrumHead system is based on the MegaDrum trigger processor (http://www.megadrum.info) and a standard Intel PC motherboard. The system uses off-the-shelf components and DIY kits; anyone who can solder and follow instructions can make their own, or it can be ordered assembled and tested from HeavenEverywhere. There’s no complicated electronics involved, just simple hardware metal-work and making several cable harnesses.

This document is accompanied by a ZIP file on this web site (http://HeavenEverywhere.com/DrumHead) that has full-resolution versions of all the photographs, actual-size templates for the holes that need to be drilled, front/ rear template files and wiring lists.


PDF document describing the system and its construction

ZIP file of templates, parts lists and hi-res photos